Volt 240
Genre(s) Alternative Rock, Blues, Old School Punk
Years active 2007 - Present
Location Texas
Nirvana, Mudhoney, B.B King, Black Sabbath, Yardbirds.
"Hivemind" (Unfinished Demo CD)
Other Releases
Royale Flush (Planned EP)
Joseph Rhodes, Tim Wells, David Rhodes
Pure Volume Web Page

Volt 240 is an American rock band formed by bass player Timothy Wells and lead guitarist Joe Rhodes.

History Edit

Starting Out Edit

Wells had stated that he wished to form a band to some of his friends, which was met with mockery. After negetive reviews on his second techno album, he bought a bass guitar and contacted guitarist Rhodes with a proposal to start a band. Rhodes agreed, and the first incarnation of Volt 240 was formed, "Royal Flush."

Addition of David Rhodes Edit

After just one practice session, the two hired Rhodes younger brother Dave to play rythem guitar. It was also around this time that the band changed its name to Volt 240. With the addition of Dave, the band felt they were ready to go public, and launched their Pure Volume page. Since they had very few recordings as a group, Wells recording his own demo tracks, "To Space", an acoustic demo and "Salvage", and placed them on their website.

Breakup Edit

Following an arguement with an investor, the band dissolved. It was during this time that Wells decided to record a solo album, using only his bass and a drum machine. About half way through recording, the band got back together to produce a demo CD.