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Water Fetus Edit

Grungy Blood Turtles was formed in early August of 2009 by former members of the short lived band 'Water Fetus'. Water Fetus had originally been created in the late fall / early winter of 2008, but due to the fact that the members were all going through a busy time in their lives the band slowely drifted apart and died. Though the band never produced any songs they still have a page which can be found on MySpace showing their album that was in the makings, titled 'Dying to Meet You'.


The Formation Edit

The band 'reformed' under a different name one night while two of the previous members were together, both missing the days of Water Fetus. We may never know why, but they decided to make a new band. Selena Scarlette, proposed that 'Turtles' be used in the name due to a certain with the creatures. Avalon agreed and the first thing that came to her mouth 'The Grungy Blood Turtles'. Avalon grabbed the nearest phone once it had been decided and called enthusiastic Water Fetus members Jaqueline Ripp to tell her of the news. Ripp, being more than excited, gabbed her electric guitar and accepted. Soon after the members contacted Haley Logan who also happily accepted the offer.

The Music Edit

Featuring vocals from all four members, the band covers an amazing spectrum of styles of music. Ranging from peacefull styles such as singer/songwriter 'Never Shout Never' all the way to Screamo and Death Metal. Currently the band is in the makings of their first album, yet to be titled. The album will be featuring their single 'Stoners In The Park' inspired by their hometown of Sutherlin Oregon. They are also doing double duty while working on an album of pure cover songs, which will be featuring 'You Make Me Happy' By NSN done in heavy metal
The Grungy Blood turtles have ubsurd lyrics, but they are always singing the cold hard truth. They are constantly writing down any good material and are still looking for more.

The Members Edit

Haley Logan - Self proclaimed 'Princess' and anime nerd of the group.

Selena Scarlette

Selena Scarlette - Future female poligaist and M. Shadows worshipper.
Avalon - Cat Lady and a little koo koo, Bailey is the Hippie is the hippie in this band

Jaq Ripp

Jacqueline Ripp - Living on the darker side of life; sarcastic, cynical, dangerous, and self mutalation are all words that describe this member.