Doug Meier
Genre(s) Country
Years active 1996-2001
Location Ottawa, KS
Candlelights and Bubblebath, Straight From the Heart
Other Releases
Doug Meier

Doug Meier is a solo Country musician from Ottawa, Kansas. Active since the mid 90s, Meier has released two albums: 1996's Candlelights and Bubblebath, and 2001's Straight From the Heart.


In 1996, Doug Meier released his critically acclaimed debut album Candlelights and Bubblebath, which contained the hits "Boone's Wine, Strawberry Hill" and "Little Tommy's Prayer." The former single was applauded for the unique vocal technique, which has been described as a "falsetto cowboy yodel." The latter song was written about Doug Meier's sister, who suffered from Cerebral Palsy. According to the album's liner notes, parts of the songs proceeds were donated to benefit the United Cerebral Palsy Research and Education Foundation.

The album also contained the song "Don't It Make You Smile," which is about the Oklahoma City Bombings. Despite featuring an easily misinterpreted title, the song repudiates acts of terror; proceeds from the song were donated to those effected by the bombings.

In 2001, Meier released his follow-up to Candlelights and Bubblebath entitled Straight From the Heart.

Copyright StanceEdit

Since 1996, Doug Meier has maintained a very firm stance on copyright policy. In the liner notes of his 1996 album Candlelights and Bubblebath Meier maintained that illegally copying his music hurts his income. He therefore urges his listeners to buy his albums legally.

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