Ok bear with me here while I get everything sorted and get it all neatened up!

We're a group of three people in our mid 20's. We run a strange style of Garage Band. We don't actually work out of a garage or play any instruments ourselves or play at the local bars. We work with DAWs (digital audio workstation) and do everything online from making our beats to actually promoting them. We still consider ourselves a Garage Band because we're just doing it because we enjoy doing it.

Our music might not be everyones taste and we have a pretty varied and eclectic style but we like what we do and we've been slowly growing our fans online for something like two years now. We make the music we like and there's people out there who like to listen - that's really as complicated as it gets for us.

We make a few bucks now and then from advertising and selling tracks online. Most of it goes into running our training program on GarageBand for Windows. We have no dreams of making millions of dollars from what we do but we enjoy it and that's what we find important.

We're inspired by a wide mix of arists out there. Probably our closest inspiration is The Glitch Mob. Although when I get my way with the group the inner geek in me does like remixing some retro game themes. Our general philosphy is if it doesn't harm anyone then do what you love and this is certainly what we love.

I'm looking forward to connecting with other garagebands out there (especially those who work with a DAW) and filling this out a bit more.