Crap Weasel Records
CW Records
Founded October 2007
Founder Eight Centimeter Skrewz
Genre Alternative Punk and Electronica
Country of origin United States
Location Ottawa, Kansas

Crap Weasel Records (Also known as CW Records) was an independant record label located in Ottawa, Kansas. The label formerly managed Famosiz.


Crap Weasel Records was originally envisioned by members of The Eight Centimeter Skrewz. The label's original title was "McBealz Records," but the band changed the name after they were reformed as Famosiz; it was intially rechristend "C-Dub Records" for the relase of the What is This Song All About? EP before Crap Weasel was chosen. The label grew steadily after Famosiz was signed as a permenent band. The label prided itself on its liberal guidelines to become a member and its lax creative control.

After the initial success of Famosiz, the label signed two new bands, the ska-influenced Mango, and the punk rock band Shotgun. Both bands included Paul Thomas and Logan Swafford. However, Mango broke up before it was able to record any songs, and Shotgun. only released the rough demo-single "Flaxinator" before dissolving. After Famosiz went on hiatus in 2009, the label was shelved, although it was later absorbed and became a subsidiary of Fueled by Pumpkin Juice Records.

Former BandsEdit